Air conditioner

Intensive air conditioning
in a necessary place

Unlike existing air conditioner, Air Rex movable air conditioner
with high technology and durability provides the intensive cooling to the necessary places
through easy power connection in the high temperature work environment.

  • Partial/intensive
    air conditioning
    in the right place

  • Convenient
    digital controller

  • Automatic control
    exhaust air fan

공냉식 에어컨

An industrial
mobile air conditioner

developed for
the 1st time
in Korea in 1993.

AIRREX mobile air conditioner demonstrates excellent ability at factories
and outdoor sites around the world as well as occupies
No.1 market share in domestic market.

Strengths of an air-cooling air conditioner

밀폐공간에서도 사용 가능
usable in a sealed place

Usable indoors conveniently by discharging
the heat of an outside unit outdoors using an exhaust air duct.

배기팬 인버터 채용
An air exhaust fan inverter adopted

Automatic fan speed control function when discharge temperature is 26℃ or higher.
Temperature range at the place used: 45℃ or lower

탁월한 응축수 감지기능
Excellent sensing function of condensate water

The compressor stops after the alert lamp turned on when water is full. A drainage pump installed (optional)

편리한 분리형 덕트적용
A convenient detachable duct applied

We enhanced the conveniency of air conditioner management by applying an easily detachable duct with a single turning

편리한 디지털 컨트롤러 채택
A convenient digital controller adopted

24 hour(by 30 minutes) off timer function
Temperature control/wind volume control/remote control/blackout compensation/self-diagnosis functions

Water cooling air conditioner
without an exhaust
air duct and noise

Since water cooling type air conditioner cools down the heat exchanger with water,
not generating exhaust heat, it is suitable to the place where high heat working
environment or exhaust duct (outdoor unit) can’t be installed.

  • Unnecessary
    exhaust air duct

  • Usable
    at 50˚C

  • Low
    noise design

수냉식 에어컨
OK in a place at the surrounding
temperature of 50˚C!
OK in a place where exhaust air ducts are
not possible to install!

It can be installed in a place at the surrounding temperature of 50℃
where air cooling air conditioners are not possible to install.
It is perfect to install in a place where exhaust air ducts (outside units) are not possible to install.

A water cooling air conditioner’s
performance stands out more
in a poor environment.

It is good for places of high-temperature/humidity, large kitchens,
high-temperature steel works, paper mills, and computer rooms, studio apartment
and underground mall parking lots etc.
where it is difficult to install exhaust air ducts.

Strengths of a water cooling air conditioner

적재적소 부분/집중 냉방 실현
Partial/intensive cooling in the right place

Partial/intensive cooling in the place desired by using a flexible discharge duct
(maximum length of extended DUCT: 12m)

불필요한 배기덕트
Unnecessary air exhaust duct

No exhaust heat by adopting a method of cooling off heat and chill with water

수냉식의 월등한 냉방효과
Excellent cooling effect of water-cooling

A water-cooling air conditioner is more effective than an air-cooling air conditioner by reducing power consumption to 30~20% with the same cooling ability.

동파 방지용 배수 밸브
Freeze & burst prevention drainage valve

A function to discharge remaining water in the heat exchanger to prevent freeze & burst in winter

편리하고 견고한 이동장치 채용
Convenient and strong mobile wheels adopted

Corrosion resistance and high strength by using large 3-inch urethane wheels
A convenient fastening device attached

Excellent equipment makes
a good product.

AIRREX’s best technology verified by its 20-year market experience
know-how is an achievement of ceaseless investment and technology development.

First time in Korea! Only in Korea!

First introduction of a calorimeter in the same industry field

  • Calorimeter, a device to measure calories

    It is a test development device that maximizes the performance and ability of an air conditioner by analyzing the cooling ability of an air conditioner accurately and precisely according to outside temperature such as wind speed, heat and cooling ability.

  • Calorie meter introduced

    A Calorimeter is an expensive device used by test certification agencies, research institutes and large company’s laboratories etc. and AIRREX is the only company that introduced it in the same industry field.
    AIRREX introduced a calorimeter, a device to measure calories to maximize the efficiency of cooling ability of a mobile air conditioner.