Safer oil heater
with 12 safe systems

It will deliver safer and warmer comfort and
coziness under secured safety.

Intensive air conditioning
in a necessary place
AIRREX air conditioner

Air conditioning effect UP! Air exhaust duck NO! Air exhaust fan noise DOWN!
It stands out in a seemingly impossible place.

Humidity problem solved!
AIRREX dehumidifier

AIRREX dehumidifier takes pride in the maximum dehumidifying capacity
among large-capacity dehumidifiers in Korea.

We introduce AIRREX products

We make the world more convenient and affluent with the best technology and service.

Domestic brand with 30-year long tradition,
1st in domestic market share


30-year long history

AIRREX has received continuous love
as a pride of MADE IN KOREA.


Usable at 50℃

AIRREX water cooling air conditioner
usable in 50℃ surroundings


5-step heat control system

AIRREX technology introduced
a 5-step heat control inverter system for the 1st time in Korea


12 safety systems

Enjoy comfort with the oil heater of Air Rex
which thinks the safety as a top priority.


64 domestic distributors

We provide the kind, rapid and
accurate service by region for customer satisfaction.

The best technology moving the world forward

We design the future with passions for the best in the world


Partial & intensive cooling in the right place, usable conveniently in a sealed place


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The best selling industrial mobile air conditioner in Korea! Pleasant and cool working condition


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Excellent cooling effect in a place in need of partial and intensive cooling


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The birth of a premium electric heater with merits of both electric and hot air heaters


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Heater IOT monitoring system and 5-stage heat control inverter system applied for the first time in Korea


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Search agencies
around the country


Head office and 70 agencies around the country provide excellent services, communicating with customers.

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