All problems concerning humidity!

Leave to ARREX dehumidifiers

ARREX large dehumidifiers are equipped with cutting-edge technology and mobility
to solve erosion, decomposition, condensation, odor and bacteria etc.
occurring due to humidity in large spaces such as production and manufacturing
line/product warehouses, new buildings, health clubs and auditoriums,
during summer time or in places using underground spaces.

  • Automatic
    drainage pump

  • Strong
    exhaust air fan

  • Automatic

ARREX dehumidifiers’ unique technology

ARREX dehumidifiers solve fatal problems caused by humidity.

ARREX large dehumidifier’s unique humidity control flow chart

The function that is differentiated with products of other company

Main comparison
Level of dehumidifying control and low noise 2 stage control (strong, weak),
No silent mode
2 stage control (strong, weak),
No silent mode
4 stage control
(strong, medium, weak, silence)
Dehumidifying capacity 17ℓ/hour (27˚C 60%) 3.5ℓ/hour (27˚C 60%) 3.74ℓ/hour (27˚C 60%)
Off Timer 6hour timer (by 1hour) 12hour timer (by 1hour) 24hour timer (by 30minutes)
Mobile wheels No wheels Ordinary wheels of 2 inches or less 24 hour timer (by 30 minutes)
Automatic drainage pump Separate option Separate option Built inside the body

Strengths of ARREX dehumidifiers

강력제습&저소음 실현
Strong dehumidification & low noise

Maximum dehumidifying volume in Korea(140ℓ/day:30℃ 80%) 4-stage dehumidification control Perfect for places like a reading room, a church and a hospital in need of silence when using a silent operation mode

자동 성에제거 (제상장치)
Automatic defrosting (defrosting device)

Effective defrosting by inpouring HOT GAS into a condenser when the cooling fan’s temperature continues below a certain temperature

편리한 디지털 컨트롤러
A convenient digital controller

24 hour(by 30 minutes) off timer function
4-stage dehumidifying fan control (strong, medium, weak, silent)
2 FND display of current humidity/humidity set c

최적의 자동 습도 조절 기능
Optimal automatic humidity control function

An embedded high-performance humidity sensor controls humidity in the optimal condition suited for the temperature set.

대용량 자동배수펌프 내장
An embedded large capacity automatic drainage pump

An embedded automatic drainage pump with 6m high power differentiates it from other companies’ products discharging condensate water using the difference of height
(other companies’ products need to be installed separately).

편리하고견고한 이동장치 채용
Convenient and strong mobile wheels adopted

Corrosion resistance and high strength by using 3-inch urethane wheels
A convenient fastening device attached